What You Need to Know About Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting is the most effective way to boost profits for any online marketer. Not only is this method quick and easy to set up, it is proven to increase sales in ways that no other marketing method is able to do, and it’s especially effective for Facebook. Basically, this method works to keep track of who has seen your ads or visited your page all ready and will target them to get ads that will draw them back to making the purchase.

The first thing  you need to know is that Facebook Retargeting probably sounds more technical than it really is, because anyone can quickly and easily set up these type of campaigns and Facebook has the tools that you need to do this. An example would be if people looked at your products page, but didn’t buy anything, you can create ads to entice them back, such as announcing a special discount or some other appealing offer.

When you set up a retargeting campaign, you want to make sure to follow a few simple guidelines in order to get the best results. For instance, setting a cap on how many ads someone sees is important because if they see too many of them from your Facebook page, after they just visited, they may feel as if you are stalking them. On the other hand, if they don’t see any, they may not remember to come back to your page to make their purchase. Ideally, setting up to 20 ads per month is enough to remind visitors to come back and buy.

Another important thing you need to know about Facebook retargeting is that it is crucial to test these ads to make sure they are getting the highest conversion rate. Testing the headline, image, content and call to action of each ad, until it is performing perfectly will make sure that you get the absolute highest return for your investment.

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